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Katazukue is a table which ensures it is always clear. The table has a powerful pair of integrated conveyor belts which periodically move anything on the table onto the floor.

I was interested in the way that we use the same furniture and spaces for different tasks over the course of the day - for example the same table could serve for eating breakfast at, becoming a working desk space during the day and a centre for entertaining friends around during the evening. I was interested in how the table itself could have a role in facilitating this (albeit in a somewhat absurd way). So Katazukue on one level supports our modern lifestyle by clearing itself for different activities during the day, whilst also controlling our activity - it forces us to change what we are doing according to it's whim.

On another level the piece is intended as a metaphor for technology generally - technology both gives us something as well as taking something away from us. For example the mobile phone allows us to speak to anyone at any time, but perversely makes us less attentive to the space we are physically in. Katazukue gives us something - it is always clean, but it also takes something away - all our possessions are in a broken mess on the floor.

Katazukue was commissioned for the exhibition BankArtLife at BankArt 1929 in Yokohama. It will be on display there during November and December 2005.

Thanks to: Masaki Wada, Kotaro Watanabe, Minaro, the organisers of BankArtLife and Okada Tomohiro.


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